What makes a logo special? Do we judge its effectiveness according to its utility? Does its reception determine its value? If you want your logo to be outstanding and relevant, you need to keep a close eye on changing trends in logo design.

A logo is the most important visual asset of any company or brand. A good one will remain bright and recognizable, even after future updates of the brand’s colors or redesign of the website, thus serving as a familiar face to the company.

Predicting what trends in logo design will dominate the field is appreciating what awaits them. In 2019, we witness a deep appreciation of color, storytelling, and experimentation challenging design.

You must avoid the trendy logos that hinder the achievement of these design goals. The truth is that not all modern logos are created in the same way.

A well-designed logo will help build brand awareness and improve your marketing and financial results. A poorly designed logo, or one that has outgrown your brand, can tarnish your brand. Try Logodrill’s Free Online Logo maker tool and step towards creating a visual identity to boost your brand value. Logodrill’s online logo design tool is easy and free to use as well as help you in the design process with different logo trends and tips.


Here are some logo design trends to keep an eye for, if you want to grow up your business:



Simplification is a trend that does not go out of fashion. Many large companies simplify their logos according to the latest trend. The logo must remain legible on different media, such as printing, digital, etc., over various distances.


Deleting unnecessary details

The removal of extraneous information is similar to simplification. This concept is based on the idea of ​​being less. However, removing some features from the logo does not mean losing all the essential details of the logo. This only makes it more attractive and memorable. It also attracts public attention and avoids getting too much readability.


Logotypes and typography

Letters are significant in logotypes. Many brands have redesigned their logotypes for a fresh and avant-garde look. People will continue their typographic experiences in 2019.


Retail focus

Attention to detail is based on visual tricks to draw attention to specific parts of the logo. This allows for asymmetrical and unbalanced composition to attract the customer’s attention. This trend will accelerate in 2019.


Work with gradients

Gradients make even the least exciting logos attractive. Just play with the gradients to create unique hues and visual effects. This may not be a new trend, but it still has a lot to offer. People will continue to work with gradients to add depth and volume to their work.


Work with neon colors

The non-natural bright colors appear in gradient logos, in line with the trends of modern design. Neon colors have also evolved to become an autonomous trend. Neon colors look great on ordinary logos with significant, bulky elements. This trend will see an increase in 2019.


Stack of vertical letters and logos

The stack of letters has become a beautiful trend in 2018. The pattern will only increase in 2019 because complicated letters will be associated with graphic elements. However, logos using stacked letters are not considered as versatile as they do not appear presentable on websites. Only time can tell if this trend will continue or subside.


Cut corners and curves

Geometric shapes may not be an innovative design solution. However, geometric shapes explain trust and stability. Curves and angles can be applied in different ways to create a effect. Do not forget to add gradients for something more eye-catching designs.



Circles are a popular geometric form used by the people to create combined logos and brands. Smooth and works of art give a flexible and adaptive look.



Tapes illustrate the growth and improvements of a business. However, they must be used with great care because they are related to speed and innovation.


Hand and watercolor imitation logos

The hand-drawn illustrations are at the top of the design trends. They give people a lot of space to add their creativity. From pencil to watercolor, you can experiment to get great results. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses that need a creative look.


Fine lines

The fine lines create an artistic and aerial logo. When properly balanced, the fine lines provide a clean logo.


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What will be trendy and hot in 2019?


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What we can expect this year will be one of the most exciting periods to date in terms of logo creation. Trends do not coexist, and they also form symbiotic relationships. Do not be surprised to see abstract minimalism blend into a variable design or a negative space plunging into overlapping elements. People are finding more exciting ways to experiment with logo designs, and we look forward to seeing what will have a lasting impact in 2019!

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