Your logo should be designed in such a way that it clearly conveys who you are, what you do & what are your values. A logo can make your brand more appealing to the target audience and more recognizable on a global scale. Most importantly, it should be as per latest logo design trends and modern practices.

Like any of us, a logo also has a personality of its own. To help you with the imperative task of finalizing your logo, we are sharing the best logo design trends of 2019 with our readers! Below are the modern logo design trends and ideas to help you create the best logo of all time.

Emblem logos

Emblem stands for any figure adopted and used as an identifying mark. This modern logo style has the power to give a classic & prestigious feel to any business. An emblem logo consists of font or a icon inside a symbol. Starbucks is a great example of emblem logo.

Logo design trends 2019

Contextual logos

While logo designers have came up with mesmerizing logo design trends in 2018, contextual logos have still maintained its position among the top. Logo designers are now focusing on creating artistic designs which are heavy on meaning and identity. Jaguar is the perfect example of contextual logos.

Logo design trends 2019

Funky fresh logos

Funky fresh logos could infuse a little fun into your brand identity and are perfect for new businesses focused around entertainment. Stunning ablaze logo designs were trending in 2018, bringing cartoons of humans, animals & curvy shapes together. Curves make an image much more interesting and fun. Hence, Team Logodrill thinks that this modern logo design trend will dominate 2019 as well.  

Logo design trends 2019


Grid-based or stacking logos

The trend of letter stacking & grid based logos has been around for a while. Because not much can be done for lengthy names & phrases, these two logo design trends will stick around in 2019 too. Stacking logos include layering and masking of patterns and color, whereas grid based logos serves the purpose of adjusting big brand names in a small and classy logo.

Logo design trends 2019

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Striking 3D effect logos

Striking 3D illusion logos have also been very popular in 2018. They gained acceptance amongst tech startups and technology businesses. 3D effect gives an instant identity boost to the logos, bringing it almost to life. These are eye-catching compared to others and the same will pushing its popularity in 2019.

Logo design trends 2019

Gradient logos

Gradient logo are poles apart from fun logos. You cannot add various colours in a gradient logo, as it might end up looking like a blunder. Gradient logos are meant to be simple with bulky, massive font. If pulled off correctly, it delivers a pleasing masterpiece that will be impossible to overlook.

Logo design trends 2019

Lettering logos

Lettering logos are the most common yet very much adoptable in 2019. It is believed that less words have the ability to express more. Lettering will continue dominating the signboards of small businesses and stores across the world. They also have huge appeal for fashion and design studios.

Logo design trends 2019


Not sure which color combination will be best for your logo? Check out best logo color combinations for 2019.

Simple logo via typography

Meaning conveyed through minimalistic approach gives you a simple & elegant logo. There’s no doubt that simplicity in logo designs is trending since last decade. The simplicity logo design trend is the answer to the complex world we live. LinkedIn’s logo is a perfect example of clean logo with text, creating a powerful visual masterpiece.

Logo design trends 2019

Our amazing list of best logo design trends and ideas ends here!

With web becoming the place where brands are born and grow, logo has attained even greater importance. It must mindblowing on all the platforms and across  variety of backgrounds. Hence, the creating the perfect logo is a huge task in itself. This is exactly the reason we made Logodrill!

What personality do you want to convey via your logo? Which kind of a logo design suits the best to your brand identity? Let’s chat in the comments section and design amazing logos.

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vervelogic · April 15, 2019 at 10:33 am

Thank you for sharing these ultimate logo design trends with us!

Bruce Austin · May 29, 2019 at 8:03 pm

Thanks for sharing your insights on logo designing. While working with Ionva, I also learned a lot about packaging design. But your information had given me new insights thank you!

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